One cannot ride into riding…

I would like to discuss the Maria Montessori quote in this week’s blog. I do not completely agree with that statement. In the context of my own educational experience I have always faired better when someone was helping me, even in my professional life I rely on help when a task seems difficult. For me, it is helpful, even if I feel like I can be successful, to receive help. It can give me reassurance that I am doing it right, or give me a perspective on a new way to do something. When considering educational scenarios, while group work makes me anxious, it is beneficial the see how others in the group do things and get their input and insight on your work. I think as I was going through grade school I would have preferred help with tasked despite knowing I could be successful.

On the other hand, I have seen the frustration children have when they are helped sometimes so I can certainly see where the quote came from. I do think that children need learn can gain confidence through the success they achieve by progressing through steps of a task, and helping them complete them could potentially hinder their cognitive development. However, I think helping them could also create a trust and by repeating the processes they will learn how to work through problems by examples other set and learn to make their own ways through the tasks in the future. I think of learning to ride a bike. Did you just get on one and start riding? Don’t answer that if you did, it will mess up the analogy. Someone helped you with that task, probably a bunch of times until you figured it out. What about driving a car? Spelling? Math? If have to get to the place where you find comfort enough to feel like you can succeed, someone has to get you there, but you will not know everything and you certain will not succeed every time. So, why not help out a child and give them the reassurance that you are their for help whenever they need it.


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